It's an Accessorizing for Work Guest Post Kind of Day

Whoa. Sorry for not posting yesterday. This show is taking up ALL. OF. MY. TIME.

So far, it is going really well and everything is exceeding my expectations. 2 more days to go before tear down. 

Today is kind of a big deal for me because we have a guest post from my first blog friend! Laura and I haven't met in person, but I'm obsessed with her blog (she features work clothes as well) and she put together the best guest post for you all. Enjoy!!


Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to be guest posting for Briana on Work Clothes, I Suppose today!  I follow a lot of blogs, but I love following this one because it's so nice to connect with other style bloggers who have to work in a professional office for a living.  Don't get me wrong - I love and follow lots of blogs written by gals in creative offices, who work for themselves, or are stay-at-home moms, and I love their styles and photos just as much.  But it's also great to be inspired by other blogs featuring the workwear styles that most of us have to wear on a daily basis.
My office is business casual, so I can usually get away with trendier outfits, but on days when I have meetings, a suit is the way to go.  To keep that from getting boring and tired, I have a few key tricks, most of which are common, but that's because they work!  First, I like to mix and match suits, pants, and jackets - I rarely, if ever, wear a full suit in one color.  Occasionally that's necessary, but only for really important meetings or interviews.  I'm recently trying to expand my blazer selection in more colors, but my white blazer is one of the most frequently used items in my entire closet!  Second, I like to add pops of color and texture, even if it's just in small amounts.  Shoes, bracelets, and tops are easy ways to brighten things up!  Finally, and most importantly, I love to accessorize with jewelry.  Nothing takes a suit from boring to classic faster than a few great items like a boyfriend watch, a few extra bracelets, or a layer of necklaces.
A few weeks ago, I had a ton of meetings at work, so I needed a professional outfit.  I settled on classic black and white, but used all three of my tricks above to make it more interesting: white blazer, bracelet stack, and pops of color and texture with, aqua, turquoise, braided patterns, and snakeskin in my shoes and accessories. 

I'm wearing:
Victoria's Secret white blazer (via MJR Sales) - $15
Gap sparkly studded-top sleeveless blouse - $12
Gap black pants - old
Anne Klein snakeskin pumps (via Piperlime) - $32 (exact)
Teal Fossil Watch - gift (exact)
H&M Snakeskin bracelet - $6
J. Crew aqua rhinestone bracelet - $11
H&M white and green braided bangles (part of a pastel set) - $6
Lord & Taylor black and white hinged bracelet - $7

The arm candy bracelet stack is one of my favorite accessories - it's such an easy way to get a bunch of colors and textures in your outfit, and, unlike layering necklaces, there are no touchy issues about the lengths or tangling.  I love layering necklaces too, but bracelets can be so much simpler because there's really no "technique" as far as I'm concerned; my philosophy is the more, the merrier!  I usually like to anchor the set with a boyfriend watch, and I typically add between 6 and 8 bracelets (so the stack covers from my wrist up a few inches), depending on thickness and what I have in my collection.  I usually add a few skinny bangles, some colorful things, sometimes a braided leather thing... basically whatever I feel like!  I don't mind mixing metals, but overall I try to stay within the same color family of the outfit I'm wearing just for continuity's sake.  So I might mix rose gold, gold, and silver, but if I added other bracelets, I would keep them either warm or cool toned depending on my outfit.  I often add and subtract a few times before I'm happy with it, so keep trying until you find a combo that works.
How do you accessorize for work?  What are your favorite workwear tips and tricks?  Do you have any other favorite workwear blogs or inspirations?  Feel free to stop by my blog, Twelve by Six, and tell me how you stay inspired to dress for the office!
Posted on May 9, 2012 .