It's a 10 Things I Hate About Me (And One Thing I'm Good At) Guest Post Kind of Day

 Hey everyone! You've met my friend/co-worker/book-club-member/photographer/superwoman Ash before on the blog, but today we have a guest post from her!

Today I'm in Las Vegas getting our company all ready to exhibit at a huge tradeshow, and Ash is back in Seattle, counting down the minutes until she gets to fly to Vegas to join me for the week. Can't wait for you to get here, Ash!

The other day she walked into work wearing an outfit WAY cuter than mine, and I just had to steal my phone back from her and snap a few pics. I'm so jealous of this outfit...but I'll let her tell you about it!


Hi!  I'm Ashley! You may know me from such posts as the one before this the one before that and every single other one on here that didn't involve a mirror pic because I am the girl who takes all of Bri's lovely pictures!  Seems probably weird since I'm not married to her and we never actually talked about doing it but then it just happened and kept happening and I think this is how most work romances start....  

And speaking of romances.  I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago.  I'm still practicing saying that so I just wanted to get it out there.  It has nothing to do with what I'm writing about, but I do feel a little bit better having gotten it off my chest actually.  Thanks for listening!  Now, to the blog.  There are about 42 million things I'm terrible at (hot yoga!, cleaning, lying, organizing, running, math, dieting, reading book club books on time, purging of any kind including old clothes, voicemails, emails, and old boyfriends, climbing things, and posing for full body photos)....and about 7 I'm really great at (soccer, Boggle, accessorizing, being happy, cold calling, online dating (more on this if Bri ever lets me guest post again!), and, most importantly for the purposes of this post- rolling out of bed, finding random *clean I swear* items on the ground and putting them together in the form of an outfit that doesn't usually look terrible- all in 5 minutes or less).  I am REALLLLLY good at this.  And without further ado (adeau? ado looks so weird), here's what I was able to put together one particularly stressful mid-breakup morning a couple weeks back.  Let's call it Spots and Stripes.  

The hair leaves something to be desired, but here's my outfit! 
Top is Old Navy, minnie skirt :) is H&M- $5.99!,
shoes are Banana, scarf is Loft,
and the pearls are family heirlooms- JK they're H&M too
Yes, this is my butt
Now this is an angle I can get down with
This is my best blog pose. 
Let's just say I'm a BIT more comfortable with a self pic, but I tried
Posted on May 7, 2012 .