It's a Weekend According to my iPhone Kind of Day

A lot of the blogs I read do a weekend update that is made up of primarily iPhone pictures. The past few weekends I've really sucked in the picture-taking department, and while this weekend wasn't much better, I at least snapped a few photos here and there.

On Friday night my besties came over for a girls night in. We cooked, ate,
drank wine, and caught up. It had been far too long since I'd had a night
with this amazing group of girls.
CJ and Amos crashed girls night. 
I was okay with that, though, because
this is one of my favorite little men.
Isn't he adorable?!

Saturday I had a pretty productive day and was able to snag some outdoor furniture from my aunt & uncle's house. Now if only I could get this rain to go away so I could use it!  Later that night I was blessed with some more beautiful friends and a night out in Ballard:
Ready for a night out! Sorry for bailing so early, girls.
And on Sunday I got to head up north for a dinner with my parents and some family friends.

My dad wowed us with these
deviled quails eggs with caviar.
They were incredible.
And of course we had some amazing wine to
go with the meal. I tried to be artistic,
but definitely failed. 

Posted on April 2, 2012 .