It's a We Had a Lot of Fun with This Photoshoot Kind of Day

Well this was fun: 
Could not stop laughing this morning while taking pics. Such a lovely change from my usual awkward feelings. 
Necklace & shoes: hand-me-down from Mama, sweater: BCBG,
 jeans: LOFT, watch: Marc Jacobs

I could get used to this daily photo shoot thing if I felt as comfortable as I did today.
Ash, thanks for always braving the cold windy roof for me. Someday it'll be sunny and hot and we won't know what to do with ourselves up there. And thanks for the laughs. They helped me not want to crawl under my desk and hide from all the work I have left to do before Mexico.

Speaking of...
only 42 hours until I'll be on the plane!!!!