It's a Something Borrowed, Something New, With Nothing to Say Kind of Day

I really don't have anything special to say today. Which means I'm just going to tell you about my something borrowed (gorgeous 100% silk purple floral scarf) and my something new (MAC ravishing lipstick). Oops. Guess that's all I really have to say about them. Guess I'll just ramble for the rest of the post.

Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to get to borrow clothes. It doesn't happen often, and it never lasts long, and it is usually accessories, but sometimes it happens. 

Yesterday, Ms. Photographer Ash wore an insanely lovely scarf. 
Beautiful Ash in her gorgeous 100% silk
Banana Republic Scarf.
 I started off my day sans scarf. In fact, my whole day was sans scarf except for 15 minutes while taking pics. But just go with it. 

Here I am, in my absolute favorite spring trench,
with my morning coffee in the elevator.
Thank goodness Ash is always around to snap these shots.

It got sunny later, so Ash & I decided to head up to the roof. I'm kind of addicted to Red Vines, so I brought a few with. Note to self: taking photos while eating Red Vines really is not attractive.  It also makes you look like you are a 14 year old girl.
I climbed up some rusty pole to
snack on some licorice in the sun. Gorgeous day!!
I started climbing on things during our shoot for the first time. Makes it way more awkward when the herd of smokers come to the roof and I have to frantically jump down and pretend I wasn't just pretending to be a model while my friend snapped iPhone pictures of me. I just hope they don't recognize me in the elevator later. 
This parking garage roof has endless possibilities, I'm tellin' ya. 

Playplaces galore!
Then I stole the scarf from Ash, which left her in simply a dress on the windy cold sunny roof of our parking lot at work. I'm not a pattern-mixer, but I think I could have pulled this one off without being too self-conscious. 
I swear I was happy about the scarf.
Just trying to not squint into the sun,
I think.

It wasn't on my wish list before, but I'm now dying to get my hands on a floral 100% silk scarf. This one is from Banana Republic - I just may have to take a gander next time I'm in there!

More importantly, I'm wearing lipstick! An everyday color that I got at MAC called ravishing. Kind of love the name, really love the color, am obsessed with the way it looks on the edge of my Monorail Espresso lid when drinking my morning coffee. 
More with the scarf, and then showcasing the fabric buttons of my cardi.
Oh, and I am wearing lipstick for the first time ever at work. Whoa.