It's a Really Long Post About Nothing With Lots of Pictures to Hopefully Distract You Kind of Day

Taking it back to the old school cuz I'm an old fool who's so cool. 
This sweater is from high school. I own very few things from high school that still fit (hello drill team uniform!) and this Gap sweater is one of them. I pull it out occasionally and couldn't be happier with this little ensemble for a *finally* sunny Monday at the office. 
Gap sweater from 2001 or so, Blue Essence green jeans,
Audrey Brooke flats from 2005
So obsessed with my new blonde highlights,
I just can't stop touching my hair!
I think this is right before I noticed there was a man
looking down from his office window watching
this photo shoot. AWKWARD.
So then I hid under the building where
no one could see me. Check out that gorgeous
caramel color Linds put in my hair!!
Monday's usually suck around here, and while I was extremely anxious all yesterday about my talk with Matt, the sunshine and speedy clock really helped a sister out. Luckily our talk last night went pretty well - thanks for helping me talk it out, ex-roomie and current-roomie. You two are the best. 

Know who else is the best? This girl:

Know why? She listens to me vent at work, tells me I'm crazy (when I am) and tells me to shake it off (when I should). And she takes pictures like this of me:

(1) crouching in a really dirty window
(2) trying to show how closely my shoes match my sweater
(3) "no crotch shots, Ash!"
(4) dancing in the elevator after a sunshiny photo shoot
In unrelated news and to make this post just a little bit longer because it isn't already an entire novel that you probably gave up reading at least 7 sentences ago, one of the best things about buying my house in February has been watching the entire yard bloom as Spring comes to Seattle. This morning I noticed something that made me do a little happy dance all by myself on the sidewalk: I have tulips in my yard!!!!!!!! By far my favorite flower, I couldn't be happier the previous owners of my house put so much effort into creating such a beautiful, well thought out garden.
Baby tulips popping up to say hello!

Posted on April 3, 2012 .