It's a Pinterest Inspiration for a Lazy Drizzly Monday Kind of Day

via Pinterest
After going through my entire closet with a few of my girlfriends on Saturday night, I felt like I needed some inspiration to help pull together an outfit that didn't require any of the pieces they helped me  set aside for Mexico. 

I quickly logged into my Dream Closet board on Pinterest and looked around for an outfit that would hold up in the rain that is expected to swamp Seattle all week, and this one jumped right out at me. I've been dying to wear my hand-me-down leopard blouse from my mama.

Here's how I did it:
Hand-me-down shirt from Mom,
Blue Essence jeans from Nordstrom,
Banana Republic flats
These flats are way better in person. I promise. 
Did I mention on Saturday we had a nails party?
This is my favorite way to wear glitter: lots on the tip and less at the other end,
preferably with varying sizes of glitter! 
Note to self: when rainy and nasty outside, don't pose inside the parking garage again.
The lighting is terrible. Crazy eyes un-edited for proof.
Check out my hottie photog in her amazing fur!
Happy Monday, everyone!!