It's an I Have Two Weeks Until Mexico and I'm Dying to Start a Packing List Kind of Day

Happy Friday, friends!

I failed miserably yesterday and didn't let Ash take any pics of me, so I'm pictureless today! She's out sick today so I'm hoping I can beg some stranger on the street to take some pictures of me. Would that be weird? I'll just speak in an accent and make it seem like I'm a tourist dying to have her picture taken in front of an alley-wind-tunnel. Definitely not weird, right?

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my dream packing list for Mexico. I could probably have afforded most of this if I didn't go out and accidentally buy a house, but since I did, I'll be working with last year's wardrobe and a couple of add-on purchases to round it out. And here's where you come in: which of these purchases should I make, and what can be skipped?!

What is already in my suitcase:

Bikini ~ Shorts ~ Lightweight Sweater ~ Toms ~ Wedges ~ Beach Bag ~ Dress ~ Sunglasses

There are some things I'm really dying to add to my collection - let me know what I should skip, and what I can't live without!

Saltwater sandals (Nordstrom):

Striped maxi (Nordstrom):
Chambray Top (Urban Outfitters):
Rolled Denim Shorts (Gap)

And more importantly, what big spring/summer trends am I missing??? What should I be looking for??

Posted on April 6, 2012 .