It's a Help Me Learn How to Tuck in My Shirt Kind of Day

I have a confession: I hate tucking in my shirt. 
Actually, it might not even be hatred. I think it might be fear. 

You see, I remember my fashion idols growing up always tucking it in:
The 90210 gang, all tucked in (source)
They clearly looked great with tucked-in-tees, and I followed their fashion advice and cues to a tee. My other fashion idol, DJ Tanner from Full House, was also notorious for tucking in her floral blouses into her light jeans. Sadly, I remember the moment I learned that wasn't cool anymore, 3 years too late (thanks, sissy, for finally enlightening me). 

And later, in high school and college, I remember learning all about mom jeans, FUPAs, and cameltoes. Googling for images to explain this was REALLY risky, so I went for the safe SNL choice:
Mom jeans skit from SNL (source)
There's a lot to be afraid of when it comes to tucking in shirts! 

But don't worry, friends. I've made some progress. High-waisted skirts are a no-brainer for me...of course you tuck in your shirt. And even tuck in the cardigan. And belt it. No fear there. 

But when it comes to tucking my shirts into jeans, I'm still totally lost. And the fashion blog world is not helping - it is only adding to the stress!

We see Kendi tucking in just the front:
via Kendi Everyday
And Sydney doing the same: 
via The Daybook
And still other bloggers tuck in only one side, like Merrick here:
via Merrick's Art
Or they go full-around-the-back-tuck-in, like Kendi here:
via Kendi Everyday

So today I have a plea for help! Tucked in, or left out?!
Tucked in, or left out?
And if tucked in, which way do you think is best?
Just the front?
One side?
The whole thing?
As you can tell, I'm in desperate need of some help when it comes to tucking things in. Next time I wear an outfit like this, how should I do it?

Today, I wore it untucked:
Mossimo cardigan from Target in college, LOFT top, hand-me-down
jeans from mama.
And because Anna keeps asking Ashley...
the cream coat from the facebook pic!
From BP at Nordstrom, they carry it every year
in different colors!

I'm so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on tucked in tops!!!

Posted on April 4, 2012 .