It's a Guest Post by a Working Girl Kind of Day

Everyone, I'm going crazy. 
Just 3.5 days of work left before Mexico, and I'm suffering from an extreme case of vacation brain. 
Add in the fact that my biggest tradeshow of the year is one week after Mexico, and you get one swamped and stressed girlie. Luckily, I have great friends, including one who is joining me in Mexico (so excited to see you, Ken) and who was willing to do a guest post today. 

That said, here she is.


I’m going to warn you of a few things in this post. 

1)  Although Bri was kind enough to build up my wit and convince you all that I was funny in my first guest post, there are no promises that will happen every time. 

2)  I just got an iPhone last Friday (I’m sure you are all tempted to stop reading RIGHT NOW because ‘OMG, you just got an iPhone?  What a loser!)  But in warning, I am most likely going to make innumerable references to how amazing my iPhone is.  So I apologize in advance, because you all already know that it’s a true gift from God. 

There are probably more things that, after finishing this post, you wish I would have warned you of so that you could have done something way more productive with the past 5 minutes of your life, but I can’t think of any so, sorry.  Besides, if we’re really being honest here, you were NOT going to actually do anything productive during this time. 

 You know what I need?  A professional photographer like Bri has (any interest in moving to Chicago, Ash?)  Although even as I type that I’m thinking to myself “Kendra, you’re awkward when you’re alone taking pictures trying to do things that make you look cute.  Think how you’d be if there was someone else there to witness it??”  And you know what I say to myself?  Good point, Kendra.  At least when I’m the only one around I can look at the pictures immediately after they’re snapped and if they’re as terrible as I think they are, I can delete them and pretend like it never happened.  Only Siri knows.  And it’s our little secret, right Siri?  (She can be a bit snippy sometimes so I always try to stay on her good side).   

I do have to say that taking photos on my iPhone was a much more pleasant experience than my other phone.  I wanted to try to take them with Instagram so you would be distracted by the pretty color effects and not actually look at the pictures or read the text underneath, but I still haven’t figured out the sharing thing and the last thing I need is to accidently post all these pictures to Facebook and look like a total idiot.  And speaking of my outfit (as this is what the post is supposed to be about), isn’t it great??  Although I have mixed feelings about it.  You see, I do love this outfit.  The skirt is so fun and pleated and when I twirl you can see my butt (I therefore do not twirl in it, but just having the knowledge that at any moment, I could turn around very quickly and show people my butt really makes me feel like I’m doing something scandalous all day long).  I love the heart pattern which doesn’t jump out at you right away but….wow.  I just realized that this will be my third appearance on the blog, and two of the three times I’m wearing this skirt.  I swear I have only worn this skirt two times in the past year (ok, at least past 9 months) and they just both happen to be times where Bri has begged kindly requested of me to give her some material.  Anywayssssssssss.  The skirt is from Zara and I picked it up last summer.  This top is one of my favorites.  I don’t know the brand, or when it was purchased, or really anything about it except that I stole it from my mother a few years ago and I will NEVER give it back because it’s silk and flowy but not too flowy and buttons up the back and has a tiny gold threaded detail around the neck and it’s wonderful.  However, despite the fact that the top and skirt (and even tights) are some of my favorite pieces in my closet, I should not be wearing this today.  It’s the middle of April.  I don’t know if you recall but last month when I posted, we were having GORGEOUS weather!  No coat weather!  And it was wonderful.  And now it’s back to being Chicago and the temperature is going up and down like strippers’ booties go (I really apologize for that one).  Today: high of 50.  Tomorrow:  70.  Thursday: 55.  Friday & Saturday: 48.  Me and my wardrobe can’t keep track.  Ok enough rambling.  Here’s my outfit.  Look at it and be amazed.

And get ready to be super jealous of the posts coming in the near future since B and I head to MEXICO next week!  Could not be more excited for some much needed roomie time. 


Enjoying my last day with a corner office with a view.
Detail of skirt print.
Bri likes to take pictures in parking garages.  
I like to take pictures next to tampon disposal machines.
Full frontal.

Posted on April 17, 2012 .