It's a Guest Post by a Girl Who Totally Didn't Feel Like Looking Cute But Knew Her Picture Would be on the Internet Kind of Day

Hey everyone! As I'm sure you must know because I can't stop mentioning it, I'm in MEXICO right now! I'm super lucky to have a bunch of extremely stylish friends who will be taking over the blog for the week - and I'll maybe interject a few posts here and there as well!

First up, meet Cass!


When Bri asked me to guest blog I had a moment of panic. Not only do I see her super cute outfits daily, but I’ve seen every adorable item she owns as I’ve color coded her closet every time she moves. Yes, I’m a little OCD and would be happy to be a professional organizer. You know how you always feel like you have nothing to wear, even when your closet is bulging (my bf has given me ¾ of all clothing space, yet it still doesn’t fit well)? Well, today I took some of Bri’s advice. Try something that you’ve never put together. What do you know, trying a new combo does kind of feel like I just went shopping, but without the financial guilt.

I’m a lover of heels, but as I’ve gotten older my heel wearing days have gotten fewer and fewer. Also, I’m an outfit pre-planner. Yes, I lay in bed at night and plan my outfit for the next day. Many a night I have a cute heel outfit planned, only to wake up exhausted and quickly revert to my standard: flats, dress pants, cardi and tank. But at least once a week I manage to not let my 6am alarm sway me toward the more comfy option.

Today was one of those days that I wanted to wear one of my million cardis with flats, but since I knew I’d be writing this blog, I actually followed through with my outfit plan. Oh, and I should mention that I did not have a photographer and spent ten minutes trying to figure out the self-timer on my camera. So sorry for the very sad photo quality.

So what am I wearing? One of my favorite skirts from Ann Taylor Loft (that I wear quite often) paired with a top I never wear! I am such a fan of the crisp white button up, yet I never wear mine (hence it’s long life). I’m pretty sure this top is early college. I think the skirt can span the seasons. In the colder months (okay that’s most of the year in Seattle) I wear black tights with it. In the summer (when my legs aren’t quite as pasty) it’s cute with my black open toe wedges. The heels are Me Too, from DSW I think. As far as heels go they’re pretty comfortable. Rounded toe and cushioned soles.

Now for accessorizing, which is half the fun :) Those of you who know me know  that I have a pearl obsession. Most outfits I wear go with pearls, and I think they are classy and mature (which helps at work since I look the same age as our teenage clients). I’m also guilty of switching purses almost every day. Think a pink bag is impractical? Not when a large portion of your closet is pink and black! The Coach bag was a  grad school graduation present from the bf after 2 months of dating (he did admit the sales girl picked it out).

Finish the look off with hot rollers and pink lips thanks to my Oklahoma roots! 

Sad photo with the self-timer in the kitchen before work.
Off to work after de-hairing my tights of all the white cat hair!
Love these tights from Ann Taylor LOFT.
Pearls :) :)
By the way the bf is laughing at me that women write about what we’re wearing. He’s currently rocking Nike Sweats and a Target T-shirt. Men, they just don’t understand!

Posted on April 23, 2012 .