It's a Frustrated with Seattle Spring Kind of Day

Everyone in Seattle complains about the weather almost all year long. 
It is too rainy.
It hasn't rained this week and I miss the fresh rain smell.
It didn't snow this year.
It snowed too much and people got in horrible car accidents.
It hit 95 and I thought I was going to die because I was so hot.
It is grey and rainy and I must move away to somewhere that sees the sun!

And then summer comes along, wows us all into a season of forgetfulness, and we don't end up moving away like we promised we would in the middle of winter. 

I'm definitely one of these people. Seattle Spring right now is really pissing me off. 
It isn't as rainy as it could be (thankfully). It isn't as cold as it could be (thankfully). 
But I'm so tired of the daily confusion when I look at the weather and it just says rain every hour, at varying percentages. 

Will it rain all day? 
Should I wear boots?
Will it get hot in the afternoon when the sun breaks through and I'll regret this sweater?
If I wear a dress/skirt, do I need tights?

Getting dressed lately is a challenge. Nothing seems right for the varying weather - when it changes every hour and I can't, what do I do?!
Basically I try on 83 outfits every morning until I end up in one that seems less confused than the rest. 
And this is what it was today:
Necklace hand-me-down from mom, Nordstrom sweater,
Banana Republic silk tank from 2 years go, LOFT jeans, Anne Klein boots
Obsessed with my elbow patches, of course!
Parking garage was SO empty this morning and no smokers interrupted our photo shoot.

It was REALLY windy in this corner of the parking garage today!

Anyway, enough complaining. In less than 70 hours I'll be in Mexico.
And in just a few weeks I'm sure Seattle will prove it can be more consistent with some sunshine!

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Posted on April 18, 2012 .