It's a Friday Kind of Day

Man, I struggled to title this post. Today is Friday, and I couldn't be more thankful that the weekend is finally right around the corner. I've had a weird emotional rollercoaster of a week and I'm finally feeling better and ready to tackle whatever comes my way. I'm dying to get outside in the sunshine, spend time with friends over the weekend, and hopefully get a bunch more done on my new yard. This new house is a never-ending project. Anyone secretly love gardening and want to come keep me company this weekend in the yard? The kitties in the neighborhood will all come play with us while we do! So overall, I'm feeling great, finally.

Uh oh, someone has been shopping. New lace top for Mexico, new flats, bp tank, LOFT jeans. 
Such a disgusting parking garage corner.

Ash inspiring me to try the shirt a little more '80s.

As a side note to a couple girls I really love: I hope you both know how much I love you. More importantly, I hope you know that you deserve the best and that it is okay if you haven't found it yet. Hell, I haven't either. I'm here for you both, however you need me to be. 

My song for the weekend: Little Talks (I'm obsessed with the whole Of Mountains and Men album!)
Posted on April 13, 2012 .