It's a Wearing Shorts cuz My Legs Are Finally Tan Kind of Day

Mexico, thank you so much for taking my pasty legs and turning them a color that doesn't hurt people's eyes. The tanness allows me to wear shorts, which I love.

Last night we went to Barcelona Tapas, a restaurant on top of the hill downtown that has a great view for sunset. Sensing a theme here?? We like sunsets. A lot.

Anyway, I wore shorts and we did a quick pre-dinner photo shoot that resulted in so many weird pictures and a handful of good ones, I just had to show you some of both.

These shorts are Ann Taylor LOFT, shoes are from target many moons ago, and you probably recognize the lacy shirt from a couple weeks ago on the blog. Thank you forever21 for the most amazing shirt ever!!

Kendra did her own photo shoot and will be doing a guest post or two in the coming days. So excited to show you her adorable Mexico outfits!! Here's a little sneak peak of us together :)
Posted on April 26, 2012 .