It's a Final Night In Mexico And I'm so Sad but also so Happy To Go Home Kind of Day

Kendra left today, which made the end of this trip seem real. Real sad.

This week in Mexico has provided me with all the relaxation, rejuvenation, and rest I was so desperately in need of and I now feel ready for tradeshow season to begin. I'll be in Seattle for one week and then it is off to Vegas for the biggest show of the year: Interop. I'm so glad I feel ready.

It got a bit hazy today and my mom isn't feeling well so it is just daddy and I for dinner tonight. We are headed to the Mexican restaurant in our hotel for a final Mexico feast. I threw on a few things I hadn't worn yet - my white pants and my new animal print j.crew sweater - with my staple pink sandals. Hopefully this will keep me warm enough if we decide to sit outside tonight (which I hope we do!).
Posted on April 28, 2012 .