It's a Windy, Cold, This-Can't-Possibly-Be-Spring-But-I'm-Wearing-Neon-Anyway Kind of Day

Blouse: LOFT, Cardigan: (similar)
Jeans: LOFT, Boots: Anne Klein
So windy I can hardly handle it!
New highlights courtesy of Lindsey!

I just want to go on the record as saying that this cannot possibly be Spring! Sure, April showers bring May flowers and all that good stuff, but this is miserable. Rain every day. Wind. Sun breaks that convince you its definitely nice enough to just bring your hoodie for warmth on a walk around Greenlake until you get halfway around and the sky opens up and you are covered in sideways-blowing-ice-cold-rainy-windstorm #7 of the day. 

I keep looking in the store windows on my way to work and seeing signs of spring. Neon. Shorts. Sandals. Tank tops. Summer dresses. And I am dying to buy them all. And wear them every day. But the time is not here yet. The season has not yet blossomed and provided opportunity to take winter coats to the dry cleaners and then pack them away for the summer. 

So I give in slightly. Neon stripes. Thin silk neon stripes. But with jeans. And boots. And a big brown cardigan. 

And you know what? It kind of works. I kind of feel like Spring.


In other news, I'm trying to figure out how I want this space to work. What I want it to look like. How I want to share information with you. So please tell me what you want. Captions on pictures? Stories? Random venting like today? How many pictures to you want? Do you want links to the items, if they aren't years old? Do you want me to find you similar items when I can? Do you want to see which blogs I look at? Where I get my style (p)inspiration? Let me know, and I'll do my best to make this space somewhere that you enjoy visiting!

Posted on March 30, 2012 .