It's a StitchFix Obsession Kind of Day

Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about this awesome new service that Laura taught me about called StitchFix. I figured they would describe it best, so here's the gist from their FAQ:
  • Sign up (use my link and I'll split my $25 with you!: StitchFix)
  • We'll send you an email when we're ready to style for you. There might be a little wait - we want to have awesome inventory ready for you!
  • Fill out our fun style survey. We'll find out about your size, style and wardrobe needs so we can pick fabulous clothing and accessories for you.
  • Enter your payment info and pick a date to "Get your Fix" - it sounds obvious but a lot of people forget to schedule!
  • Yay! We'll send you a package (free shipping!) with 5 clothing and accessory items picked just for you. We'll charge a $20 styling fee when your package ships. That styling fee is applied as a credit toward the purchase of anything in that particular shipment.
  • Try everything on at home - do a little fashion show for your friends, roommates, pets...
  • Keep what you like - we'll charge your credit card - send back what you don't. Shipping is free!!
  • Repeat the scheduling process as often as you'd like!
The styling fee is only $20, and it goes towards whatever you end up purchasing, and I'm having a blast so far. One piece of advice: like at least one thing! Otherwise you lose the $20 styling fee :(

In my first shipment, I kept two dresses, which I've yet to wear. I got my shipment during the fiasco of moving weekend and was really overwhelmed, and I don't think I made the right decision in keeping one of the dresses, which is far too big on me. The other one is going to be perfect if Seattle ever decides to move from winter to spring and then finally into summer!!

However, in this most recent shipment, I fell in love with a cardigan. This cardigan:
Been looking everywhere for a delicate lace cardigan!!

I can't find it anywhere online, but I'll keep my eye out for something similar. 
This captures the dual layer a bit - the sleeves are a thin, almost crochet material, and the open front is comprised of two layers that aren't connected - the outer matches the sleeves, and the inner is lace. I'm literally obsessed.
This gives you an idea of the outer material a bit - I'm really truly in love with this cardi!
Hanging out in the hallway at work with my diet pepsi :)
I'm so excited for my next "fix"! Sign up and try it out today!
(They didn't pay me to write this, because I'm not special or famous. I'm just really excited about the potential of a personal shopper sending me ideas that I wouldn't pick out myself!)
Posted on March 29, 2012 .