It's an Outfits That Never Made It Kind of Day

I take pictures of outfits that never make it out of my house quite often. I try things on, wear them for a while, and either chicken out or change my mind due to weather all the time. In some cases, I wear an outfit but Ash & I never make it out to properly photograph it. Thought I'd share some of these gems with you!

This outfit will make it out of the house someday soon.
Leopard hand-me-down button up,
brown cardi, jeans, wedges or flats.
On the day I was going to wear this, I remembered I had
a vendor coming in for a meeting and I needed to
wear slacks so I had to do a quick change. 

With my granny on her 93rd birthday.
Love this new LOFT top -
you'll definitely be seeing it again soon!
Really wanted to make this skirt work,
but it was far too cold for bare legs.
I tried it with a thick sweater - NO!

I got bright pink lipstick.
I'm terrified to wear it to work,
but I'm really excited to rock it in Mexico
and this summer with a tan!

This is what I wore out on St. Patty's Day.
Green jeans, navy flats,
striped tank, navy tee. Something about
green and navy just really does it for me!