It's a New Shirt Copy Cat Kind of Day

Ash and I took a mid-week shopping trip to LOFT last week to exchange a couple of things and both ended up walking out with this top

I decided to wear it the very next day with some black Jolt jeggings, my favorite cognac riding boots (find them here), and a statement necklace my parents brought me back from a trip they went on:

Ash and I were awkwardly taking pictures in the hallway when the UPS guy arrived.
Must. Be. Silent. So awkward if we got caught!

Isn't this necklace great?!
Green is my absolute fave and I love big stone pieces like this. 

This is Ash's realm at work.
I'm pretty sure WonderBoy was watching us at this point,
hence my somewhat angry face. 

I have crazy eyes here, but wanted you to see the side of these awesome Anne Klein boots.
So of course, Ash pointed out that she had all the pieces necessary to repeat this outfit. And the very next day at work, she did just that!

I have the prettiest friends!

Check out this amazing statement necklace & scarf.
This girl always beats me in the accessories category!

Again in the parking garage. But seriously, isn't this top amazing!?

You guys getting familiar with the inside of our elevator at work yet? 

Here's the best news about this top: it is the softest material you've ever felt, it is light-weight enough to throw on over a pair of shorts to wear all summer long, and I'm pretty sure when it gets retired from day-wear, it will be the best worn-out-sleep-shirt ever. 
Posted on March 26, 2012 .