It's a My 26th Birthday Is On A Monday Which Is Really Lame But At Least I Love My Co-Workers Kind of Day!

Happy Birthday to me!!

I think it is annoying when bloggers don't write about their birthday. And since I'm apparently trying (and failing miserably) at being a real blogger, I figured a birthday post is DEFINITELY in order. 

First of all, today I have to work, just like any other Monday. Luckily I have amazing co-workers who took me out to lunch, bought me coffee, baked me cookies, and ate the doughnuts I brought in. Yes, I brought in doughnuts. Like a kindergartener who brings in treats for her class. I should have included mimosas. 

My awesome co-worker Ash is also a really good speller!

And of course, I got dressed on my birthday. I don't have a full body shot, but here's me with the amazing chocolate and cinnamon chip oatmeal cookies Ash made!!

This blouse is one of my favorite layering pieces.
I'm wearing it with my favorite red cardi, belted of course, my newish skinnies and some leopard flats.
 Comfy cute, I hope. :)

I have too much to update on, so I am officially promising a post a day. All of them with dirt. Because life has indeed been dirty lately. 

Tonight I'm off to dinner with a couple friends, and then a low-key night in with Boy2. 

Love you all!

Posted on March 5, 2012 .