It's a Guest Post Because I Think I'm A Real Blogger Who Schedules Guest Posts for When She's Too Busy Kind of Day

I'm working at a conference this week and asked my college roomie & bff Kendra to do a guest post. She's become quite the shopaholic in recent years which makes me supremely jealous of her closet, and her summery weather while it is snowing in Seattle makes me even more green with envy. Speaking of green, here's Kendra to tell you all about her outfit! (And if you stage a revolt and want her to take over the blog cuz she's so witty and funny, I'll understand. But I'll hate you a little bit too.)


Let me just start off by saying this is my first official blog post (guest or otherwise).  This may surprise you once you see the sheer genius of my fashion photos, but I felt like I should start off with 100% honesty to all you strangers out there reading this.

It's March 14th here in Chicago.'s March 14th where you lovely readers are, too?  Weird.  Well anyways, it's March 14th here in Chicago and it is currently 76 degrees and sunny without a cloud in the sky.  March 14th.  Chicago.  76 degrees.  MARCH 14th.  Do you understand what I'm saying?  Look at my outfit, for Pete's sake!  (By the way, who the heck is Pete, and why do we say / do things for his sake?  That saying has always bothered me a bit.  Obviously not enough to keep myself from using it but...I digress.)

We have had an incredibly mild winter here in Chicago, and Spring has decided to spring (pun definitely intended) quite a bit early.  Usually we don't see this kind of weather until sometime in June.  March is the month where I want to crawl in a hole and die, because we're going on 6 months of freezing weather and I literally forget what it feels like to be warm.  This is my typical March outfit:  *Note:  That photograph is not me.  That facial expression is definitely my usual Mid-March Chicago facial expression though.   

Fortunately, this year is different.  This year has allowed me to go out in a sleeveless top and skirt and boots (I was oh so tempted to wear my flippy floppies to work today but I thought my boss might frown on that) on MARCH 14th.  I decided today was the perfect day to break out my new beautiful bright kelly green top that I snagged from the Banana Republic Factory store last month, and sticking with the green / navy trend that's been hitting the fashion world lately, my trusty navy knit skirt from Express that I actually picked up in Seattle with Ms. Bri a few years back.  So now sit back, relax, and enjoy the most awkward pictures you've seen all day (unless you've happened to visit Awkward Family Photos or People Of Walmart.  Mine aren't that bad.  And if they are, don't tell me).    

I bet you all wish it was March 14th where you're at, don't you?  

The skirt looks black, but I promise it is navy blue.

Being the Photographer and the Photgraphee takes a lot of concentration.

This is my "oh shit someone is coming into the bathroom" face.  Attractive, no?

Not quite a smile, but at least some expression?

Posted on March 14, 2012 .