It's a Friday Of a Really Busy Week and Before a Really Busy Weekend Kind of Day

Channeling Kendi again in a windy alley by the office. 

My favorite way to tie a scarf, courtesy of Rach!

Blurry, but just had to post because I'm shocked that my awkward-laughing-and-avoiding-the-photographer look actually produced something not completely awkward. 

Today I love:
Monorail Espresso
Mint nails
My simple white tank
How brown my hair looks (going blonde at the end of the month!)
Windy alleys where I can kind of hide from passer-bys
GREEN! It's work St. Patty's Day!

In line for my morning coffee. Freezing. Posing by trendy bike because Ash says that's cool. And she's the expert on cool, obvio. 

This has been a really long week. But it is Friday, and I'm super excited for the weekend, even though it'll be a busy one and I have to drive TahoeBeau to the airport to head home to California for the week. Sad day. Yes, I realize I'm totally smitten with him. It might be a problem, or it might be tied for the most wonderful thing of 2012 (buying a house can't move down from #1, but I suppose it can share its leading position).

I'm obsessed with this cardi from  H&M. I got it a few months ago and haven't worn it a ton, but it has these chocolate brown elbow pads that I'm just wishing I could put on all my clothes. And of course I had to throw on a green scarf for work St. Patty's Day.

St. Patty's day is probably my favorite second tier holiday. I mean, everyone walks around all day wearing my favorite color, drinking, and pinching people. You can enjoy it single, attached, rich or poor. It's just the bees knees. (Bees knees are probably black, though, right? Anyway...)

For all of you who are still hanging in there as I try to get this blog going, email me a pic of you sporting green tomorrow so I can do another holiday feature! I loved the Valentine's one so much I just have to try a repeat. (I'll be sporting my green jeans, of course!)

Posted on March 16, 2012 .