It's an Awkward IM Convo With Boy1 Paired with Awkward Outfit Photos From Last Week Kind of Day

So the other day I was on IM (like every other day) and Boy1 popped online. We haven't talked in a while, so I figured I'd apologize for being a stranger. Here's how it made him feel:

Me: Hey, long time no talk, sorry for being a stranger
Boy1: ya, well when you went MIA i got the hint that you never saw us as bf/gf

So that's awkward. And since then he's drunkenly texted me, posted some comment about how impressive I am on fb on my birthday, and IMed me every day with some useless comment about how his day at work is going.

So good-bye, Boy1. You were really boring anyway. But thanks for easing me into the process.
Sitting in my promo item room on some boxes. Awkward.
But more awkward than that bf/gf comment is a series of outfit pics taken by Ash last week. These pictures are BRUTAL, people. (For the record totally not her fault!)

Not sure where I got the idea to lean to the side with my hands on my hips. I promise I won't do it again. 

I think I was uncomfortable? Or tired? Or feeling ugly?

I think she had just told me I was sucking at poses. Which I was. 

Hopefully I get better at this. But no promises. Also, this outfit is my Monday uniform in the winter. A sweaterdress is the easiest lazy tired morning outfit ever. And I have 6 of them. So I take full advantage of that all winter long. 

Standing on a desk and bending over awkwardly. Everything about this is so awkward. 

Been super swamped this week...promise to write more for a Friday post!
Posted on March 8, 2012 .