It's an Article I'm Currently Re-Reading Over and Over and Over and Over Again Kind of Day

I'm 26.

I'm 26 and I just bought a house.

I'm 26 and I have a career. Not just a job. A career.

I'm 26 and I pay my bills on time, I budget my paychecks, and I am never late to work.

I'm 26 and people around me are getting engaged, married, and having children, and I have no idea who I will marry. It's likely I've yet to meet him. 

I'm 26 and am growing up while at the same time having a series of panic attacks where I wonder if I am slowing down enough to enjoy it and taking enough time to travel and letting myself have a bad hangover, a bad breakup, a bad day at work. 

I have people around me who are pushing me to grow up. Encouraging the growth. Spreading fertilizer where its needed to spur some reaction and improvement and upward trend. 

And I have people telling me to slow down. Carefully taking away responsibilities, handing me risks, and telling me to take a chance. That I'm young enough to fail a few times while figuring out my course. 

And the weird thing is, through all of this, I feel like my 20s are perfect. I feel happy being a twentysomething. I'm in no hurry, but I'm also taking each day as it comes, not trying to stay in the past.
I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all right, for me at least. 

And I want to keep enjoying these next few years as a twentysomething. 

Because right now, being in my 20s is awesome.
Posted on March 27, 2012 .