It's an Apparently I Should Have Named This Blog Work Clothes and A New Beau Because I'm Seriously Done In The Department For Now Kind of Day

On the first day of spring in Seattle which does not mean warm or sunshine and flowers but instead means 46 degrees, windier than the best kite-flying hill in town (Gas Works?), and some random spits of water from the sky that don't warrant an umbrella but definitely eff with your hair anyway. So to match the confused season, weather combination, I went all spring in my pants and all winter with the sweater. Black and cobalt is a super simple color combo, but it might just be one of my faves right now!

I swear I don't shop every day at lunch. Just almost. And for the record, I was doing an exchange today. 

Ash literally walks alongside me in the bright sunshine flashing her iPhone camera at me while OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE. This is my "I'm so uncomfortable I'm going to pull all my limbs in so I'm less likely to be attacked" pose. 

These are my awesome new blue slacks. That I'm returning to Nordstrom as soon as I can find other pants to wear. Don't get me wrong - I totally love them! But the button has already popped off, they don't have belt loops, and if you look closely at my stomach you can see the extra 4 inches of fabric around my waist and the fact that I have no room to spare in the legs of the pants. Apparently when I shop in Point of View I need to remember that I haven't yet had babies so my stomach doesn't fill out their high-waisted pants. 

This is the elevator bay at work. Really exciting place to take pictures, let me tell you. For those who care, these are Michael Kors flats, Vince Camuto (Nordstrom) slacks, and a BP sweater from approximately 5 years ago. 

And this is what I look like when I get a cute text from TahoeBeau in the middle of the day. See, I really am into him!!!

Posted on March 20, 2012 .