It's a Workwear Wednesday Kind of Day

As some of you know I'm in Vegas this week for a healthcare conference. This means I'm working all day long in a booth at a tradeshow, smiling my ass off and trying to woo people with my tech-savvy marketing-speak. And sometimes it works. 

(For those of you I work with, this show is actually going pretty well!)

Thought I'd bring you into the world of how I dress when I travel...
Sorry for the blurry photo. I snapped this really quick once I got to my hotel after flying all day. This is my airplane uniform: jeans, easy-to-unzip-for-security boots, a tank, a cardigan, and a scarf (not pictured, but essential on the plane for napping). I'm bummed I took such a shitty picture because this cardigan has ELBOW PATCHES, which we all know I'm obsessed with. Thanks, H&M! well as how I dress in the tradeshow booth. 

This is our booth at the show this year.
 It is our first time with vertical-focused marketing and
Tanya caught me not really paying attention behind the main counter. 
I try to wear heels every other day in the booth.
Every day would be a killer on my feet,
but I like looking like I made an effort even though
I'm on my feet all day talking to super geeky guys.

Glasses are my bff in the booth.
I can read people's name tags from REALLY far away.
And I look smarter, I think. Obviously.

 Anyway, how's that for a really boring post? Sorry for putting you through that! I promise to never do it again :) 

Well, breakfast just arrived. I'm obsessed with room service breakfast, btw. Have a happy hump day, friends!!

Posted on February 22, 2012 .