It's a Wear Bright Colors, Shop on Your Lunch Break, and Eat Chocolate to Feel Happy Kind of Day

Monday after an emotional Sunday and I knew I needed to wear bright colors to feel better. Did it help? Not one bit. But It was definitely worth a try. 

So as soon as I decided to buy my house I put myself on a shopping freeze. Which I (surprisingly) totally succeeded at until a few weeks ago when I had to purchase this amazing emerald blazer. It looks teal in these pictures. I promise it is not. It is a beautiful true gem-inspired emerald green. Come help me paint my house tonight and I'll show you. Oh, you think I'm kidding? I'm not. Come paint my house. You know you want to. 
Ugh. Super fake smile.
Amazing antique timekeeper necklace courtesy of my childhood bff Rach.

Thanks Ash for yet another awkward in-office photo shoot.
Wish you weren't sick so we could have walked in the sun at lunch and
taken even weirder and more uncomfortable photos.

Anyway, wish me luck with that. 

Also, thanks to mom for the hand-me-down jeans. They come up high enough to guarantee not only that I'll never show my whale tail, but also high enough to be sure that any breathing where your lungs grow in size will cause your pants to rise an inch until exhalation. Awesome.
Posted on February 27, 2012 .