It's a Valentines Day Outfit Compilation Kind of Day

It's February 14th. Valentines Day. Ash's Birthday. 
To receive and give flowers. 
And chocolates.
And hugs and kisses and smiles. 
A day for random acts of kindness.
A day for love. 

And all of that is great. But right now, on this blog...
It is a day to wear red, and pink, and purple

So I've asked some of the lovers in my life to send me their Valentines Day outfit pics. 
And I'm so impressed!!

The photo that started it all. Please look at my beautiful college roomie in her red sweater, HEART PRINT SKIRT, and adorable peep toe booties. Kaje, you're super hot today. 
Malley girl in her gorgeous red-print top!

With the birthday girl! Bathroom pic pre-Starbucks run!

I used to think having a birthday on a holiday would suck. But Ash makes me realize it is actually amazing. Two reasons to dress up in red and purple and a fabulous coat?! This girl should start her own fashion blog. 
So angry they didn't
give me a Valentines cup
at Starbucks. 
And because it is my blog,
 three pictures of me!
 Gosh, so annoying of me,
I realize. 
Close up of the textured top
with adorable bow.
I've been wanting one
 of these for months!

At Ash's birthday lunch, even her bro was wearing pink!!
LK with the office pup Solei!! Such a great vibrant red!
These two make my heart melt.
And Kaje, as far as heart skirts go I think you've just been one-upped. 

I'm waiting on a couple more outfits, but just had to post this to remind you all that I love you and am so thankful for each of you. So put on some pink, red, or purple, and embrace the day!!!

Posted on February 14, 2012 .