It's a Saturday Outfit Kind of Day

I bought a car yesterday. Because, you see, I'm buying a house. And so I need a car. For those of you who don't understand this logic, don't worry about it. I'm not sure I fully get it either.

I got dressed with very limited resources, because everything was in the laundry from London. And, I wanted to look skinny and pretty so I could better negotiate with the salesperson at the dealership, who I REALLY hoped would be a guy. Gosh, women are so manipulative. Don't pretend you don't all do the same.

So here I am, trying to slowly but surely improve the quality of these photos. Yes, I'm still using my iPhone to take a picture in the mirror. But look at this, friends...I'm smiling! BIG improvement, if you ask me.

These boots took me all around London. They need some serious clean-up.

And here I am in my brand new car! It was a beautiful day in Seattle so I took advantage and opened my brand new sunroof and put on my favorite Fendi shades. And then I left my sunglasses in the car, got into my apartment and panicked that I'd left sunglasses in the car, and then realized it isn't a big deal...I can leave shit in my car now. Because it is mine. Not a Zipcar. Not a loaner. It is ALL mine.

Anyway, I promise to get back to a post a day once I'm back at work tomorrow. I have LOTS of much more interesting posts queued up about the most recent adventures, a tear-inducing phone call with the ex, seeing Boy1, and the hopes of meeting Boy2 in person soon. Thanks for putting up with the lamest of lame posts today :)

Posted on February 5, 2012 .