It's a Really Uncomfortable Photo Shoot During My Lunch Break With My Favorite Photographer Ash Kind of Day

[Nordstrom sweater, H&M skirt, Anne Klein boots]
I got dressed yesterday. Not usually a big deal, but after a week in London and a busy weekend, this was a very lucky moment. Ash recognized this special occurrence and was determined to not let me post more mirrored-morning-iPhone-pics. She suggested we take advantage of a sunny winter day in Seattle and take pictures on our walk to pick up my pb+j+banana+apple+cranberry sandwich. Which meant pictures in public. 

I have no idea how fashion bloggers do this without feeling insanely self-conscious. Luckily Ash is a star paparazzi and let me pretend to do other things while she snapped pictures.

Here I am on my phone, leaving a message for my sister.
Call me back, sis!
Here I am trying to walk away from her to avoid public embarrassment.
Again, on the phone, smiling because I knew she was snapping away. 
Basically, I'm going to have to start paying this girl. I'm also going to have to hunt for more of these incredible sweaters with leather elbow patches. I'm in love. 

Posted on February 7, 2012 .