It's a Sitting at My Desk Kind of Day

Today just took a turn for the awkward. I went to the bathroom, checked myself out in the mirror on the way out, and realized I think I kind of look manly. Like the kind of manly where you want to wear jeans and heels but then you try to wear a flowy shirt but you have broad shoulders and maybe a gun holster and you don't walk like a lady so you just kind of give off a butch vibe that makes it look like you're way outside your comfort zone. 

And to think I really liked what I was wearing this morning. I'm rocking some pants that my mom decided were too low-rise for her, and some shoes she decided she hated after she wore them a couple of times, and a shirt I got on an insane sale and a blazer I actually love. I'm really not selling it so far, am I?

Today's speed photo shoot courtesy of Ash took place in my office, which is messy but allowed me to feel a bit less awkward:
"photog Ash rocks"
I did this accidentally to adjust, and then she made me do it again so she could take a picture of it. Seriously I'm so awkward today.
Sadly this isn't the first time I've posed in my desk chair with my computer for one of Ash's masterpieces. She'll win awards someday. Maybe.

Posted on February 8, 2012 .