Five Goals: April

Happy Monday!! I loved my March goals and I am so excited to get going on April now that we've entered the month. But first, let's review how I did in March: 

  • Walk on hotel treadmills when traveling. DONE! This was a huge win for me. I walk the dog when I'm home, and I walk quite a bit while traveling for work, but spending some time on the hotel treadmill to end or start the day helped my mood (and my travel body fatigue) so much!
  • Don't buy any more maternity clothes. ONLY KIND OF. I did buy a couple of things - but they were for specific things like my second baby shower and my maternity photos. And I'm okay with that :) 
  • Assemble all nursery furniture. DONE! Can't wait to show off the finished nursery once all the decorating and tidying is done too. 
  • Nap often. DONE! This was kind of a cheat, but man it was such a treat to have this on my goal list to check off. 
  • Keep flowers in the house. DONE! Spring sunshine still hasn't arrived in Seattle, so it was so very nice to have flowers in the house all month. Travis even bought me some! And some flowers that I got for my birthday to start the month lasted over 2 weeks! So this was easier than I thought it would be to achieve. 
 photo april goals_zps02bqvx7g.jpg

Here's what I hope to focus on in April: 

  1. Finish decorating the nursery and get all of the blankets and newborn clothes washed & put away. This is self-explanatory, but I don't want to be scrambling to do this as we near her due date, so I'd like to have it all done in April!
  2. Keep nails painted! I've had this as a goal before and it was really helpful. I've been slacking lately and my nails have been driving me crazy, so time to throw this back on the list. 
  3. Build arm strength. I've been great about walking and prenatal yoga, but I haven't been doing any weight-lifting for my upper body. I'd like to do some arm toning 3x a week for the month of April! 
  4. Blog at least twice a week. I barely kept up with my Humpday Bumpdate in March, and I've missed coming to this space more often. So I'd like to have 2 posts per week at minimum in April! 
  5. Write all of my thank you notes. We have been so lucky to receive some amazing items from our Amazon registry, and I've got lots of thank you notes to write! I made it through the first 10 or so but I've got a lot left to do, and I'd like to have that all done in April!

Linking up as always with Writes Like a Girl! What are your April goals?? 

Posted on April 10, 2017 and filed under Personal.