Five Goals: March

First up, how is it so far into March already?! Just crazy to me how fast little February always goes with its 28 days!

Anyway, how did I do in February? Let's look: (the short answer is: pretty okay but not great). 

  • Focus on little acts of love. DONE. While I didn't do something *every*single*day*, I did make more of an effort and definitely felt the love all around me in February. I'm hoping to revisit this one again later in the year, for sure!
  • Drink more smoothies. DONE. This one definitely happened. I had probably 5 smoothies a week and experimented with all kinds of flavors and ingredients. I fell in love with using the pre-cubed frozen mango from Trader Joe's to add in a tropical flavor to whatever else I was mixing, and I relied heavily on baby spinach, chia seeds, and banana as the base formula. Can't wait to continue this one into March and even summer when all the good produce is local!
  • Stretch when traveling. DONE. But only out of pure necessity. I honestly forgot this was a goal of mine - but discomfort on the road meant I did it constantly anyway, and I did notice a difference! Thank goodness!
  • Try swimming. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I didn't even look into local pool options. Ugh. 
  • Organize our bedroom shelves. NOPE. Didn't work on the nursery as much as I wanted to either. But I did get our office sorta set up, which is a huge win for my every day. Bedroom shelf organizing will be right after nursery set up, I swear!
 photo march_zpsofehg59f.jpg

AND NOW...onto the goals for March! 

  1. Walk on hotel treadmills when traveling. I've got more overnights than usual this month, so I know I need to be good about packing some good walking shoes and putting in a mile or two every night when I'm on the road. 
  2. Don't buy any more maternity clothes. I'm constantly seeing new maternity clothes I love and the thing is - I don't think I need any more right now. I may need something in April or May when the weather changes, but for March, I just don't. The one exception would be buying a dress for maternity photos (check out this post to let me know your thoughts on a few options!). 
  3. Assemble all nursery furniture. Seriously, I've just gotta get this done. I'm starting to get the nesting itch a little bit, so hopefully this weekend I have the energy to tackle a bunch of things on my list!
  4. Nap often. This one seems silly, but I was really good about letting myself take quick power naps during the first trimester, and I need to be good to myself now too. As time allows in my schedule, I'll be taking quick 15 minute power naps to keep myself feeling refreshed all day long!
  5. Keep flowers in the house. Tulips have started to pop up in our local stores and I want to keep some around the house all month long. It isn't the cheapest of goals, but it does add so much happiness to my day, so I'm going to give it a shot!

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Posted on March 9, 2017 and filed under Personal.