Weekend Wear: Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Monday! I'm having a nice slow start to the morning (even though it is Monday) because yesterday was my birthday and this is my treat to myself! Travis and I had a weekend full of building new furniture around the house (the office is done! the nursery is not!), going on long walks with the pup, and having dinner plans 4 nights in a row!

This is what I wore to dinner last night. Travis and I originally had much bigger plans for my birthday, but after sitting down to talk about it all, we decided what we really needed was a long walk with the pup to kick off the day, some time to work around the house, snuggle time on the couch in front of a movie (Manchester by the Sea - so good!), and a fancy dinner out at a local steakhouse (The Metropolitan Grill - my favorite!). It was the PERFECT birthday. 

 photo IMG_0678_zpsrgw85ppr.jpg

I made sure to bring my basketball with me...haha

 photo IMG_0682_zpspqjzpyqw.jpg

Dress: Old Navy
Tights: Berkshire (c/o - these things are the best!)
Vest: Forever21 (used to be a coat; I cut off the sleeves), similar
Shoes: similar

 photo IMG_0686_zpsgm1qqdzt.jpg
 photo FullSizeRender-13_zpsqpfglenv.jpg

You may notice a new piece of jewelry - Travis got me an Apple Watch for my birthday, and I'm already obsessed! If you have any favorite apps or things to do on it, let me know! I've already read Fran's whole update, which was so helpful, but I'd love to hear more! Also would love to know if you have any favorite places to get additional bands - he got me the rose gold + blue, which was what I really wanted, but I know I'll want some variety soon! So let me know in the comments :) 

Make sure you check back this week - there will be our 28 week Humpday Bumpdate (yay for third trimester!), another outfit I wore this weekend to celebrate my birthday with my parents, and some of the posts I promised last week!

Posted on March 6, 2017 and filed under Maternity.