Humpday Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

It's a miracle I've been able to even stay on top of these, but I'm so sorry that the last few weeks all that has made it to the blog has been pregnancy updates. Work is likely going to be crazy all the way up until my last travel day April 21 - and then potentially all the way until baby girl joins us! Hopefully I'll find some time to get a few other posts up in the next few weeks too, though, as I have fun stuff I'd love to be sharing!

But for now, let's check out how week 31 is going! 

 photo IMG_0858_zpsi4th10pp.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: so so so active. And not just at night anymore, but all day long too!
  • Cravings/Aversions: I fell into a little rut of girl scout cookie cravings, so I'm staying away from sweets this week. When the cravings hit, I'm reaching for a date or a piece of fresh fruit - and its amazing how my energy spikes when I avoid traditional sweets. Feeling really good about what I'm putting into my body (and into baby girl's body) helps, too!
  • Feeling: Great, still! I'm starting to feel a little bit of discomfort at the bottom of my belly if I stand or walk for too long, so I'm being careful about wearing my belly band whenever I'll be walking for a long time. 
  • Thinking of: Wall decor for the nursery! I've started a little mini gallery wall but need to add some more, so let me know if you have any favorite resources for buying cute prints or mirrors or frames to make up a little nursery gallery!
  • This Week I've Been: Washing baby clothes and getting them sorted. We're going to try to only wash as we need each size, so right now we're washing newborn & 0-3 month items and getting them put away in the top drawers of her dresser. We only have enough to keep her dressed for about 4 definitely going to need to pick up some basics at some point soon! All of the items we got at our first baby shower were SO DANG CUTE though - can't wait to start dressing her up!

Speaking of the baby shower, check out how beautiful and springy the shower was: 

 photo IMG_0842_zpsdevlspay.jpg

I'll dedicate a whole post to baby showers once I have my second one next weekend, but oh my gosh it felt so fun to have a tea party with all the women of my family celebrating this little girl. We had delicious treats, lots of laughs, and this little girl is already so unbelievably spoiled. I can't wait for her to meet all of the women who joined - and all of my friends who will be at next week's shower too! 

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