Friday Favorites: 1st & 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves

Now that I'm officially in my 3rd trimester I wanted to look back at what has helped me in this pregnancy so far! For some background, I have had a pretty easy pregnancy, I think. I was nauseous 24/7 from about week 6-11 and then it miraculously went away! And since then, I've been able to stay pretty healthy and happy while growing this little girl. 

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Ginger Chews - When I was permanently nauseous, these did the trick. They are pretty strong and spicy, but man did they help curb the nausea. I also drank boxes and boxes of ginger tea. 

Maternity Pillow - I got this around week 20, I think, and man has it made a difference. I still use another pillow sometimes depending on which side I'm laying on, but since I was a back/stomach sleeper exclusively, this has really helped me get used to sleeping on my side. I still don't love side-sleeping, but since I don't have another choice right now, this helps a ton!

Nordstrom Bra Fittings - With the super-speedy changing of my chest size, new bras have been purchased on 3 different occasions. And it is SO NICE to have someone fit me each time so that I don't waste a ton of time guessing and trying on a bunch of sizes. Another bonus? If you buy a bra at Nordstrom and later want it made into a nursing bra, they only charge you $16!! I'll definitely be doing that with some of the larger sizes I have had to buy throughout this pregnancy. 

Maternity Jeans - In the beginning, I lived in these exact Paige Denim jeans. Now I'm liking jeans with an over-the-bump panel a bit more (I have these from GAP), but I still do toss on the Paige ones with my belly band (also linked below) for some outfits. 

Maternity Bodycon Dress - When I first started showing, I just felt fat. It was hard for people to tell if I was pregnant or had just eaten a big meal. I found that bodycon dresses really helped me differentiate that feeling - and the best part is that the dresses still fit me perfectly even now that the bump is much bigger! I think these are definitely the most versatile styles during pregnancy - and I found some for *dirt cheap* on Target clearance (see post here), which helped!

Vitamin E Oil - As someone who has stretch marks on her hips and boobs from earlier in life, I was worried I'd get them all over my belly during pregnancy. And I don't have a single one yet! There's a lot of factors that play into stretch marks - genetics, how fast your bump grows, and how well you take care of your skin are a few. As soon as I started growing a visible bump, I added two steps to my routines - one of which was putting on this oil EVERY NIGHT before I fall asleep. 

Mambino Belly Butter - The other routine I added was putting this belly butter on my stomach and hips EVERY TIME I get out of the shower. Since I know I'm someone who does have existing stretch marks but who hasn't gotten any during this pregnancy, I think these two belly treatments have been huge helps! 

Belly Band - In the beginning this was great to be able to wear my non-maternity pants unbuttoned when they no longer fit, but when I didn't quite need maternity pants. But now, I love it for the little bit of extra support it gives my belly when I go on long walks - the difference of when I wear it to when I don't is about 2 miles of distance! :) 

Baby Bump App - This has been my favorite pregnancy app. I downloaded a few early on and this is the only one I still log into daily to read. It has great (but short) daily tips as well as a weekly digest on what's happening with my body, my baby, and my health. 

Baby Story App - This app is what I use to make my weekly photos, and I'm sure I'll keep using it once baby girl is here to add important milestones and dates to her photos! It is super easy to use and has lots of fun little options that make it easy to doctor a photo! 

That wraps up my top 10 favorites so far in the pregnancy! I'm sure I'll have more by the time she finally joins us, so hopefully I'll put together an updated list at that point. For those of you who are or who have been pregnant - what are your favorite items that I've missed? Or do you agree with any of these?! Let me know in the comments! 

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