Currently: February

I'm a day late as I wanted to keep up with my Humpday Bumpdate yesterday, but I couldn't stay away for too long with such great topics this month! Here's what I'm CURRENTLY up to: 

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Packing healthy snacks for the days I'm traveling for work. I've definitely noticed that I prefer to eat little bits often throughout the day while pregnant, so having an apple or some almonds with me has been key! 

Jonesing for a jewelry update. I wasn't very into Stella & Dot last season (it was all black and my wardrobe is leaning heavily towards navy) but this season they seem to have been reading my mind. I'm thinking of picking up this navy tassel necklace and these simple stretchy beaded bracelets which will help blend the black and blue I do have! 

Texting less than usual, as I'm still working hard to spend less time on my phone in the evenings after work. And honestly, I'm still seeing my friends and family just as much without always replying immediately (although maybe it is annoying for them?!). 

Reading books about baby, of course! I finished Bringing up Bebe while in Palm Springs, and now am diving into Brain Rules for Baby, which Trav read and really liked. 

Hearting all the love and compassion I see from my friends on social media. I'm not one to be outwardly political, but I adore all of the ways my loved ones are supporting the causes they believe in! 

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