Five Goals: February

A couple of weeks late, but I've had this post ready to go and wanted to be sure to publish it before too much of this month flies by! As always, I first want to look back at my January goals and see how I did. 

  • Read 4 books. This one was easy, so yes! I finished The Challenger Sale for work, Bringing up Bebe for my pregnancy, and a few books just for fun: The Art of Being Normal (LOVED), Maude (liked more than I thought I would), and The Hating Game (eh, it was okay). 
  • Go to at least 10 yoga classes. I went to EXACTLY ten, which feels like a success. February has been not as successful, so I need to work on picking up my game for the rest of the month!
  • Disconnect 1 evening per week. I made this work on 3 nights in January. So not quite every week, but close! And man, I loved these nights. I took baths, read books, and played cards with Travis. The one exception was that I use my phone to control our Sonos music system, so I still did that on these nights, as I love my relaxing music while lounging in the tub!
  • Take care of my skin before bed. I figured out how to be good about this, and then ran out of supplies. If I have makeup removing wipes and a good nighttime face lotion, and they are right by the rest of my nighttime routine, I do really well here! Time to restock, I think. Any favorite wipes that don't have to be rinsed off after use?!
  • Blog at least 3x/week. I did great here! February...not so much. But January was a pretty consistent blogging month for me. 
 photo feb goals_zpsdxfgoees.jpg

And now, on to my goals for February! 

  1. Focus on little acts of love. Travis and I aren't big Valentine's Day celebrators since our Anniversary is on Jan 31, but this month I'm trying to focus on loving all the rest of the people in my world in little ways. Sending little texts of appreciation, making a sweet treat and sharing with those I love, and putting my phone away when I'm spending quality time with friends and family are just some of the little acts of love I'm going to focus on this month!
  2. Drink more smoothies. I love smoothies, and I make them periodically, but I know that right now I hate the idea of salads, so I'm slacking on my leafy greens. I'm going to aim to perfect my smoothie recipes this month - especially the ones that include a big handful of spinach! Do you have a favorite?? Let me know in the comments!!
  3. Stretch when traveling. I'm so good about going to yoga or spending some time stretching when I'm at home - and I notice such a difference in my posture and how I handle this new baby weight - but I'm not so good at it when I'm on the road for work or for fun. This month I have an overnight in Anchorage, day trips to Spokane, Boise, and Portland, and a family weekend at a ski resort - all good trips to practice stretching even when not at home!
  4. Try swimming. I've never really swam as an adult for exercise, but everyone else I know who is pregnant seems to really love it, especially as they get bigger. This month I want to find a date and a pool and go try to swim a few laps to see how it feels!
  5. Organize our bedroom shelves. Since moving upstairs, our bedroom shelves have not been organized. In the beginning we needed to dump a bunch of stuff on them as we organized other spaces, and then...I haven't really touched them. This month I want to get them organized and dare I say - styled! I'll be sure to take before/after pictures to highlight on the blog. 

Linking up with Nicole, as always. What are your goals for February?? 

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