Humpday Bumpdate: 20 Weeks

Now that I'm halfway through this pregnancy, things are changing much faster than they did in the beginning. I figured this blog would be a good place to document my growing bump and weekly changes, so if you aren't at all interested in this, avoid Wednesdays, when I'll feature my Humpday Bumpdate each week. The actual bumpdate is at the bottom of this post, but I wanted to do a quick little highlight of the pregnancy up to this point first!

First, a quick look at the early days of bump photos, when I was only taking them every month:

 photo bumps_zpsedcs4dtn.jpg

The first trimester was pretty rough - I had almost permanent nausea that I just could not get to go away, as well as some vomiting. I tried my best to combat it and found the following to be my best shot at beating it: 

  • Trader Joe's Ginger Chews whenever I felt *REALLY* nauseous
  • Ginger tea a few times a day
  • Cereal or crackers in bed to start each day (and sometimes even in the middle of the night if I'd wake up feeling sick), and trying to go slow in the mornings, taking lots of breaks between showering, doing my makeup, blowdrying my hair, and getting dressed
  • Small meals often and nothing too scented or flavorful (I seriously lived on dry cereal and crackers)
  • I carried a satsuma or two in my purse at all times to sniff or peel & slowly eat if I was stuck in a smelly environment
  • Lots and lots of naps - when I was sleeping, I wasn't nauseous

Overall, really not fun. Especially considering that at this point, very few people knew I was pregnant, and I was still flying around the Northwest for work - including a trip with our CEO to Idaho for a day! It's amazing how fast you feel better though once the second trimester rolls around. I still have random episodes of nausea or extreme exhaustion, but they are NOTHING compared to how I felt early on. 

 photo IMG_9706_zpsqq7qfs9f.jpg

We used Thanksgiving as a chance to tell our immediate families (both sets of parents, siblings, and my grandmas) that we were having a girl - we hosted here and when we took the whole family on a tour of the newly remodeled house, we had filled the nursery with pink balloons!

 photo IMG_0108_zpszamj9tno.jpg

And here I am now at 20 weeks - halfway there! Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: the size of a banana.
  • Cravings/Aversions: Nothing serious yet, but I can't stop eating peanut butter toast! I'd have it for every meal with Travis would let me. 
  • Belly Button: Very much in still.
  • Feeling: Really good. Lots of energy this week and I'm loving the stretched out feeling I get after every prenatal yoga class. 
  • Thinking Of: Doulas. We're working on researching and interviewing a few in order to find the one we'll have with us for her birth, and I'm actually really loving the process. 
  • This Week I've Been: Having the craziest of dreams. Nightmares, adventurous thrillers, and bizarre dreams have filled this week, and I'd much rather go back to the random and funny dreams I was having earlier in the pregnancy. Also this week I've been on the hunt for a few more pieces of maternity clothes, as I'm realizing that getting dressed for work everyday is really hard without a few staples!

This is the format I'll try to use every week, with a few changes as the pregnancy progresses. Would love to hear what else you'd like me to share, if anything! 

Posted on January 11, 2017 and filed under Maternity.