Trav & Bri, Recently - vol. 59

A little late in the day, but better late than never, right? Aiming to do at least one of these updates per month, so I hope you enjoy it!

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Recently at home
We've been starting to pick out things for the nursery, and oh my gosh it is so much fun. We're not sure what we're going to do yet, but we are considering playing with some removable wallpaper for an accent wall, and I'm pretty in love with this gorgeous teal ombre mountainscape. So many fun decisions we get to make!

Recently purchased
I've been *LOVING* my prenatal yoga class but have been feeling the squeeze of my regular Zella leggings around the belly, so I finally ordered a pair of maternity leggings I can wear to yoga. I don't love the fabric as much as I do with my Zella ones, but its so nice to have the full panel go over my belly, especially for a lot of the forward fold positions!

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Recently styled
I'm still wearing as many non-maternity items as possible, and the white version of my Madewell back-button tee had to make an appearance. These pants were a hand-me-down from my mom - they have a purely elastic waistband which means they are stretching really well over this growing bump!

Recently consumed
I've mentioned before how much I love Half Baked Harvest's blog, but recently Travis and I have really been experimenting with her recipes at home. This week's favorites were this slow-cooker Chili Lime Chicken, which we made into soft tacos before the Seahawks game on Saturday (so fun to be at another W!), and this Korean Bulgogi Bowl, which we loaded up with fun toppings (mango, cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and so much more!). 

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Recently in love
I was so glad the Seahawks made it to the playoffs with a home game so that I could take a little baby bump picture at the stadium. Going to games together is one of my favorite things to do, and I'm so excited to know that we'll continue the tradition in future years with our baby girl in tow (rarely, I'm sure!). 

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