Work Clothes: Sometimes I Just Look Fat

This stage of pregnancy is weird, where I can still fit into some non-maternity clothing from before I was growing a human, but most of it doesn't fit in a very flattering way. That said, its impossible to completely overhaul my whole closet overnight, so making due with my "normal" clothes is a must! 

This tank is one that I wore a ton before I was pregnant, and while I made it work last week for a day of work, it just wasn't quite right - the drapey-ness that I loved so much before is gone, and the pulling of the material honestly just made me look fat. But oh well - you win some you lose some, right? 

 photo IMG_0156_zps3r6kovcy.jpg

Shirt: Nordstrom (exact still available in some great colors!)
Cardigan: Target
Pants: Motherhood Maternity
Flats: BP (similar)

 photo IMG_0158_zpshjma4vo9.jpg

I *finally* got a haircut last week, too! My ends had gotten really really scraggly, so it was definitely time, and it feels so much healthier now to have a couple of inches hacked off of the ends! Amazing what a little trim can do :) 

 photo IMG_0160_zpszx5yyxbf.jpg

In fact, now that I look at these photos again, from most angles I could probably have told you these were pre-pregnancy photos and you might have believed me. Might have :) 

We're off to Palm Springs tomorrow for our anniversary - I'll do my best to post on instagram & snapchat (bmarie35 on both) so follow along if you want!

Posted on January 26, 2017 and filed under Maternity, Work Clothes.