Work to Weekend: Friday Essentials

I spent most of last week in our annual sales kickoff, where we sit in a giant hotel ballroom for three back-to-back-to-back days and hear from our customers, our leaders, and our peers about how to make this year even better than the last year. It's always a fun opportunity to connect with my colleagues across the world who are facing some of the same struggles, obstacles, and triumphs I face in my sales territory, but man is it exhausting to sit in a windowless room for 10 hours a day while people talk at you! 

Dressing for this event is always a little bit tricky - business casual is our dress code, so jeans are totally okay, but at the same time, we have customers coming in to present and so looking professional enough for those sessions is key. This year I went with a dress on day 1 (essentially this outfit), slacks on day 2, and jeans on day 3, since it was a Friday. 

Here's Friday's outfit, which perfectly transitioned to the exciting Friday night Travis and I had planned: a Costco trip (it's always so empty Friday evenings!) and dinner together at home (I was too exhausted after my week to want to go out!). 

 photo IMG_0179_zpsbypaduaj.jpg

Jeans: Paige Denim
Shirt: GAP
Booties: Vince Camuto
Scarf: Target

 photo IMG_0182_zpsyauvyz3r.jpg
 photo IMG_0177_zps7nz3inau.jpg

And the rear-view as I walked into the house to unload - my favorite raincoat (that no longer will button or zip over this belly!) and my Tumi work backpack, which my mom got me for Christmas as a replacement for the one that was stolen last year!!! Best Christmas present of the year, I tell ya!

 photo IMG_0176_zpslbr0pdmr.jpg