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I just really love this link-up that Anne does, and I love it even more this month since she's co-hosting with Dana, another favorite! So here's what is currently going on in my world. 

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Hearting all the pregnant ladies and new babies in my life right now. It is so fun to have friends who are growing and then raising tiny little humans - I can't wait for all of the tips they'll have to share with me when Travis and I get around to starting our own (non-fur) family. 

Watching a gazillion (but still never enough) snaps from my mom of my animals. We are SO SO SO SO lucky that my parents have been so helpful this summer with our cat and dog during this construction, but we miss them SO much. Luckily my mom sends me videos and pictures every day of what they are up to, and I couldn't be happier!

Exploring Crater Lake for the first time this weekend! We're headed down on Friday and I couldn't be more excited!

Creating a new home. Or at least, that's basically what it feels like. Travis and I are having so many awesome discussions of what we plan to fill our new space with, and as the days get closer to completion, we're making more and more decisions. 

Eating Trader Joe's food! Travis and I decided to do our weekly grocery shopping there this week instead of at our normal store, and it is such a nice change! I shopped almost exclusively at TJ's when I was in college, so it has been fun to pick up some of my old favorites and also try a bunch of new-to-me things, like their Cowboy Bark, which is the best little dessert after dinner!

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