July's Five Goals

July is here, bringing us to the halfway mark of the year. I'm so happy with the progress I've made with these small monthly goals, and I'm excited for the goals I'll take on in the second half of the year. 

First, let's look back at June!

  • Submit expenses weekly. YES! And this one is such a relief knowing I'm getting paid back in a more timely manner. Hoping this becomes a solid habit. 
  • Wear more dresses. EH, nope. I tried, but then realized most of my work dresses are in storage still. I just don't have much to pick from right now. 
  • Buy new bras. NO, but for good reason. Waiting for the Nordstrom sale in July so I can save some money! 
  • Make a beauty video. NO. I still really want to do this, though! June was crazy-busy with work and I just couldn't find the time. 
  • Do my hair. YES! I'm not getting super creative yet, but I have been paying more attention to it in the morning, and it is making a difference.
  • Also, a quick update on a May goal - order One Year book - I finally did this when my mom sent me a discount code for a free book. Hooray!! Makes me so glad I waited. 
 photo july goals_zpsq31j7pza.jpg

Now, on to July's goals!

1. Use MyFitnessPal daily. I used to be really good about this, and I'm going to focus on it again this month to try to stay on track with all the fun activities (that all seem to come with food!) I'll be doing this month. Do you use it? I'd love to be accountability partners if you do!

2. Wash my face before bed. Okay, this one is probably gross to some of you, but I never wash my face before bed, and when I've tried it, it always leads to more breakouts. But I'm going to try it again - this time with good overnight lotion! 

3. Buy King Bed. We know we want a king bed for the upstairs, and since we know a lot of places take a few weeks or even months to deliver the products, we want to pick it out in July! Any favorites? 

4. Take vitamins daily. I totally missed this in May, so I'm tackling it again now. 

5. Try a new workout class. I've been in a bit of a rut with workouts, so its time to challenge myself to try something new! Any favorite classes I should look into?? 

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Posted on July 6, 2016 and filed under Personal.