Nordstrom Sale Reviews (Keep vs. Return)

Alright, so I've gotten my Nordstrom orders (well, most of them) and I've gone through and decided what I'm keeping and what I'm returning, so I thought I'd do a quick little recap here!

First up, you should check out this post which outlines what I bought. Then, see how I liked it (or didn't) here:

 photo IMG_8637-2_zpstugfbins.jpg

Okay, so I love this shirt in the pictures. Like, love love. It's only $40 now while on the sale, and will go up to $68 after, which is a phenomenal deal. BUT its just a tad sheer. I don't want to have to wear a tank under it. But gosh the fit is perfect. Originally this was a definite RETURN but now I'm on the fence. Comment and let me know if all white shirts need tanks under. Maybe I have unreasonable expectations! 

The pants are a KEEP. I love the fit and I need to branch out from skinny ankle slacks, so these are a great start. I may hem them to wear with flats, but I love them with wedges, so maybe not? They are $52 now and will be $79 after the sale. 

The shoes are a KEEP as well. They are $70 now, and $110 after, which is more than I'd want to spend on flats usually, but the shade of blue is so beautiful and the fit is great. 

 photo IMG_8638_zps4rksxdav.jpg

Now for another piece I'm not sure on. This shirt originally was a KEEP for me, but I haven't reached for it once. Maybe because it truly is more of a fall piece? I think I'll love it in the fall layered more than I'd love it on a hot day. So I do think it is a KEEP still at only $32 now ($48 after). 

The pants are sadly going back. I really wanted to love them, but they are a RETURN. They are only $52 now and $78 after and have a beautiful pattern to them. If you aren't curvy, buy them. You'll love them. They have a bit of a higher waist and a great seam up the front. I'd love them if I had no hips, seriously. 

 photo IMG_8640_zpsvuj05x64.jpg

Two more things I really wanted to love! This shirt was just TOO LONG in the back, so it is a RETURN. The pants were just...very fake feeling. I don't hate the way they look, but the swish when I walk and they are so plasticky. Not impressed. They are also a RETURN. 

 photo IMG_8642_zpsfasgexln.jpg

I shared all of this on snapchat and explained how torn I was on this dress. And ALL OF YOU said to keep it. BUT it is a RETURN because I realized that a couple of years ago I kept a very similar dress from Le Tote and eventually got rid of it. So I am worried the same thing would happen with this dress, and at $105 ($158 after the sale), it just isn't worth it to me. 

The shoes are also a RETURN because I just didn't love how light the nude was. But I've wanted to reach for them a couple of times, because I really do have a gap in my closet in this area. SO comment and let me know - should I keep them??? I haven't taken them back YET. They are $110, which makes me think I shouldn't keep them unless I *really* love them, but that also probably means they'll last a long time. Ugh, so torn. 

I did go and place another favorite Natori bra, which I won't be reviewing here (it is amazing though!) and this cardigan, which is sadly totally sold out. I'll let you know what I think when it comes! 

Posted on July 27, 2016 and filed under Work Clothes.