Master Bedroom (so far)

As we work through this remodel, we're spending basically every dime we have on the actual building. We plan to use all of our old furniture to start while slowly saving up to buy new furniture - with one exception: the master bedroom. Part of why we started this whole project was to get a dream master bedroom before having kids - a space with a king bed, an attached bathroom, and enough closet space to actually store our clothing. And as part of that, we need to furnish the room - with mostly new things!

We've made a few decisions already, but there are still a million more to be made, so I thought I'd ask some advice here! Here's what we know:

 photo masterbedroom_zpsevils7tb.jpg

The room will have the same grayish cork flooring we have in the basement and will be painted Benjamin Moore's Classic Gray with solid white trim. The room is divided from the nursery/office and bathroom/closet areas with two HUGE barn doors that are dark stained wood with black hardware. They will be mostly left open, so we'll have big wood statements on either wall. The built-in half-wall cabinets are going to be white like the trim in the room but with a wood top that matches the barn doors. We debated on beds for a while and ultimately decided we want a fun color, so we ordered this navy blue bed from Target after seeing it on the Emily Henderson blog (which I love!). And to pull in a bit more blue, we got this rug on a HUGE sale. 

To start, at the end of the bed we'll have Travis's mom's cedar chest - but eventually we may replace it with a small loveseat or bench with shelving. But we still have a lot we need that I want to start picking out and trying! 

First up, a ceiling fan! I'm really torn here, but am looking at something a bit more modern, like this one from West Elm. We don't need it to have a light, but if it has one that's great too - so we have lots of flexibility here! Any favorites you can link me in the comments? 

 photo Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.54.39 AM_zpstkwd8f9e.png

We need bedside tables, and I have no idea which color I want to pull in - wood to match the barn doors? Introduce a metal that we can carry throughout the room like gold? White to match the built-in cabinets? And should I match them on both sides, or let each one have its own personality

And what about throw pillows? I think we'll go solid white on bedding to keep it simple at first, but we have essentially unlimited options as far as pillow colors. My cousin introduced me to Studio McGee, and I LOVE their pillows, so maybe I'll pick a couple from there and then fill in with some cheaper ones? 

Other things I'm keeping my eye out for include a plant or two for the corners, lamps for the bedside tables, and some airy curtains to hang on the sides of the three windows behind the bed. They'll have blackout blinds for nighttime, but I love the idea of some airy lightweight curtains there as well. If you have any favorite styles of ANY of these things, comment comment comment! 


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