June's Five Goals

First up, how I did in May...

  • Focus on Cassie. YES! Her wedding is TOMORROW and I cannot wait to celebrate her!!
  • Take vitamins every day. NO! I did worse than a normal month - it is as though this goal made me forget them ALL THE TIME. 
  • Order Year One Book. Nope, but only because I missed the sale they had over Memorial Day and I'm waiting for the next one. But it is done, reviewed by editor mama, and ready to go once I find another sale!
  • Walk anyway. YES! Also we have had Niko a bit and I've been the one walking him. But even when we don't, we're walking more, and I love it. 
  • Shop with intention. Or not at all?? I just wasn't drawn to anything in May, so it was a light month purchasing things I needed. 
 photo junesgoals_zpsi2zyrnhs.jpg

Now, on to June's goals! 

1. Submit expenses weekly. I used to be *so* good about turning in my expenses for work every week, and lately I barely get it done before the 45 day deadline. In June, I want to get back on track with weekly submissions so that I get reimbursed more quickly.

2. Wear more dresses. I've been stuck in a rut due to having a lot of my dresses packed away, but we have pulled most of them out, so it is time to embrace warmer weather and change up my wardrobe a bit!

3. Buy new bras. Yep, its time. In June I plan to get re-sized at Nordstrom and I'll pick up 2-3 new bras at that point. 

4. Make a beauty video. I've been playing with more products lately, so I was thinking June would be a good time for a favorites video! Given our weird housing situation at this point, it may be a bit difficult, which is why I'm setting the bar LOW with the goal of just one. 

5. Do my hair. SPEAKING OF RUTS, I am in such a rut with my hair. I wash it sometimes, I wear it down or half up or in a pony, and that is it. The bangs growing out just really messed with my ability to "do my hair" but now that they are long enough to easily pin back, I want to try a few new fun hair styles. Let me know in the comments if you have any favorites I should try! 


Do you have goals you're setting for June? Let me know what they are in the comments! Linking up here

Posted on June 3, 2016 and filed under Personal.