Coffee Shop Musings

For my job, I traditionally spent a lot of time working from home. I now spend a lot of time working from coffee shops - both in Seattle and in the other cities I visit (Boise, Portland, Spokane, Anchorage). And while not everyone who walks into a coffee shop is stylish, I do often take a little sneaky picture or note about outfits I see that I love. Of course, I usually look at the outfits or items and think "I could never pull that off..." which can be super frustrating. Here are some of the trends I'm noticing that I really want to experiment with! 

 photo coffee shop covets_zpshslas4ua.jpg

The mini cross body - in really fun colors! 

The open toe mule/bootie/sandal - I'm especially loving the idea of these lasting into the fall! 

Overalls! I'm not sure I'll be trying this one out ever, but man whenever I see a pair of fitted overalls, I have the desire to impulse-buy a pair or two! 

Fitted midi dresses - another trend I'm not sure I can pull off, but with a cute jacket on top, I'm loving this look! Can curvier girls wear fitted midi dresses? Or do they only work if you're 5'10" and 110 lbs?!? 

Embroidered tops - I *love* my embroidered dress, but haven't found the perfect top yet. I want one with both pink and blue on it...too much to ask, maybe?!? Have you seen one anywhere that would fit this requirement? 

Cat eye sunglasses - this is one that I know I love, but that I don't own. Time to find a new pair! I really love the two-tone look I'm seeing everywhere - I have no fear when it comes to bold sunglasses, I guess. 

Linen pants - gosh I want to rip out all of my fitted work pants and jackets and be able to pull of an entirely linen wardrobe. Totally not possible, but wouldn't it be nice on the few hot days a year we get? 

Tassel earrings - I'm trying to teach myself to be a statement earring person, and when I see women dressed professionally but with a fun statement earring, I try to convince myself I could do it too. Can I? Any tricks to getting used to it?? 

What are the trends you're seeing around town that you aren't sure you'll dive into or not? Have you tried any of these out and have some tips on how to ease myself into it?! 

Posted on June 20, 2016 and filed under Sponsored.