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Planning the jewelry to wear with this gorgeous bridesmaid dress on Saturday. Our bride Cassie loves pearls, so I'll definitely be incorporating at least one pearl necklace, but I think with a high neck like this, I need a bit more of a statement. How would you style it?

Enjoying our perfectly imperfect almost-finished basement living room. A lot of finishing touches with the baseboards and paint won't be done until the very end, but we've made the little space a perfectly cozy tv room that I'm really loving for now. 

Buying new arrivals to Stella & Dot! I've been craving more white jewelry lately, and it is like they read my mind with the new Nomad Necklace! My other favorite is that they made a longer, skinnier engravable necklace that can hold 16 characters instead of 10 on the old one!

Craving watermelon all the time. The minute it gets warm, I feel like I could just eat watermelon for every single meal! 

Pinning home remodel ideas! If you didn't see it in my last post, I'm looking for inspiration, so leave me a comment with your favorite home decor blog/pinboard/magazine/show/etc!


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