A Quick Note

So I promised I'd be here this week, and I haven't been. Things are okay - I'm just struggling to find time in the day for the things I want to do because of all of the things I need to do.

In addition to that, I had a bad couple of weeks in relation to my phone...I smashed the screen and dented it at Cassie's wedding and then the phone I was sent as a replacement was faulty. So then they sent me another phone, and I dropped it in the toilet after two days in Vancouver with my sis. I've had an iPhone since 2007 and this is the first time I've had issues - and they all happened all at once. I didn't lose much, but I did lose the photos from Canada. Luckily my sister had taken a ton and let me use her phone to keep taking more after I dropped it. 

 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.42.49 AM_zpsyuf3hfkx.png

Work has been crazy busy lately. Typically I run 1-2 evaluations at a time with potential customers, and right now we are running 5. Typically I spend 1 night at most in cities I visit, and this week I was on the road for 3. Typically I hit my number and do just fine, right now I am really hitting my stride and have crushed my first half goal (!!!!!!). All of this is good, but it is taking more of my time than it typically does, which means that at night when I used to work on the blog while relaxing after dinner, I'm now plugging away at work. Don't worry - the glass of red wine is still a part of this scenario!

 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.42.43 AM_zpsf9ufkfby.png

The house is coming along really well. But we're living in a plastic-bordered kitchen in a house covered in plywood and the basement lighting doesn't allow me to take many outfit photos. I'm going to try something different this week and will be putting on all the outfits I wore during the week on Sunday to take a big batch of photos. I know some other bloggers do this with outfits they may not actually wear, which I promise I won't ever do. But this week I wore some *really cute* new items I've purchased recently, so I'm going to put those outfits back on and take the darn photos! 

 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.42.32 AM_zps00u44k0t.png

So here's the deal: I'll be posting at least three times a week from here on out, because I do really miss this place. You'll get your Sunday Trav & Bri, Recently, an outfit post, and one other post every single week. And when I can, I'll aim for 4 or even more. Know that I'm still checking in on all of your blogs, because when I'm sitting on the tarmac about to take off on yet another flight, it's my favorite thing to do. I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend - see you Sunday!!

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